Purple Bite

Skin & Bones

Skin & Bones is a folk/blues duo with hints of alt country and bluegrass. This cocktail of genres makes for an explosive live performance.


The Revue - "Every song is moving and dynamic. Between the voice and the fiddle – it buries into your soul and doesn’t let go"

Velvet Independent - “evoking emotion of which Skin & Bones’ luscious artistry can achieve, without repeating previous work"

The Revue - “They’re creating knee-slapping music that is usually associated with the Deep South"

Hits In The Sticks - “Definitely make it worth your time to stop and have a listen"

Girl Underground - “Simplicity with thoughtful placement, and genuine feelings"

Mad Mackerel - “Busking under the sun of Venice Beach"

Velvet Independent - “They should immediately be given attention by just about every music outlet out there."

Gobsmag - Live in Netherlands (Holland)

Niche Music - Japan loves the blues

Emergin Indie Bands - "Skin & Bones is a bow-and-string-blues duo from the USA"

Ground Sounds - "With roots in Venice Beach, California and soul from Tennessee"

Fresh Beats - "It’s not very often you find a track with something about it that makes you stop and wonder “who is this?“"

Rock And Roll Creations - “It is a song that you need to hear"

VC Reporter - “Their sound is rich in its simplicity"

When You Motor Away - “Honed their sound busking in Southern California"

Velvet Independent - "It’s a truly beautiful piece from this LA duo"

AudioCred - "The song is an uptempo barn burner that leaves everyone guessing for the next note"

Get Into This - “The track strides an attitudinous drive of lurching guitar scuzz"

The Joy Of Violent Movement - “They do so with an old school, badass swagger"

Play My Tape - Live in Brazil

Ground Sounds - "Seeing your life from a new perspective"

Velvety - Skin & Bones reaches Spain