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More than a Journalist: Introducing The Bowler Zoë Elaine (Journalist from Sawdust & Gin, Grimy Goods, The 405, Ones to Watch) 


If you live in LA you might have seen Zoë at local shows supporting artists with her backwards baseball cap. One thing that you don’t know is that she is an avid bowler. So we went to an alley in Eagle Rock.

  • When did you started bowling and why?

Zoë Elaine: I started bowling at 5 years old, when I wasn't really in charge of my own decision-making. I guess my parents thought I needed a hobby. I wasn't a troublemaking kid, but maybe I would have been without the beacon of morality of the greasy bowling alley.  

  • Are there any similarities between journalism and bowling? 

ZE: Both require concentration! And more loosely, both require problem-solving; I need empathy to tie an article together and finish it, and I need geometry to pick up a spare. 

  • If you could go bowling with one local artist and one non-local artist, who would they be?

ZE: I would love to bowl with Mara Connor mostly just because she shot the video for "No Fun" in a bowling alley and I respect that immensely. And in general, I would also love to bowl with all the bands who have taken press photos in bowling alleys. So far, I have shots of Laura Marling, Raener, and Old Sea Brigade in my records. 

  • Bowling and beer always go together? I mean... We definitely had them together.

ZE: It is a proven fact that beer will make you bowl better. I'd rather not explain the pseudo-science behind this, and instead I encourage everyone to go for a date and get smashed while you bowl to test the system. A good time is guaranteed.  

  • Any advice for the bowlers out there?

ZE: Keep your elbow in and follow through. 

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Music by Mara Connor “No Fun"