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More than a Journalist: Introducing The Baseballer Kevin Bronson (Founder of Buzzbands.LA) 


Chances are you already know Kevin Bronson. His consistent work to keep the LA music community running is impressive, from presenting/booking events to covering up-and-coming artists on Buzzbands.LA and his radio show at 88.5 FM and The Independent FM. As a matter of fact I first met Kevin back when I was an active musician in 2015. To be honest in the beginning I was intimidated by him because he is a staple in the scene, but eventually we started joking around, catching shows together, and poking fun of each other which let to our friendship. Kevin is a huge baseball fan so we decided to go to the cage.

  • What position do you play? And be honest… Are you good or really good?

Kevin Bronson: I play shortstop. It is the most balletic of positions in baseball and I love it. After all these years, I’m able to hold my own, thanks to hand/eye coordination and decent reflexes. If you’ve ever seen me ghost in the middle of a boring show, you know I’m quick.

  • How did you get into baseball and what’s your favorite team?

KB: Baseball was how the kids in my neighborhood spent our summers. It’s all I did. I never even learned how to swim, because if I went to the pool, I would’ve had to take off my baseball glove. And since I grew up in the Midwest halfway between Chicago and St. Louis, I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan. They won the World Series when I was 8 years old and impressionable. I never looked back.

  • Hard question: I know you did (and still do) sports journalism. Music or Sports? please explain your answer.

KB: If it came down to it, I would write sports again in a heartbeat, but they are very much alike. Both athletes and musicians have 1) a set of skills, 2) career aspirations, and 3) a measurable performance.

  • If you have to join a Baseball team but you got to bring one local artist with you, who will it be?

KB: I’ve actually played baseball with several local musicians, either on the same team or against them. Phil Leavitt (drummer for Dada and 7Horse), Jade Devitt (of Gale Forces), Garrett Ray (drummer for Fool’s Gold, Foreign Born and many others) and Dan Horne (bassist/producer for many artists) are great musician/ballplayers. There are others. Secret: Jeff Weiss (of the blog Passion of the Weiss and the driving force behind the LA Weekly boycott and the new alt publication TheLAnd) was a star player the championship team I managed about 10 years ago. Our team name, of course, was The Buzz.

  • Finally, how long did the baseball player spend in the library?

KB: Baseball players don’t need no stinking’ libraries. Everything we need to know is on the back of a bubblegum card. (The answer I was hoping to get from Kevin was: “It was a shortstop.”)

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