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More than a Journalist: Introducing The Comic Aficionado Janette Ayub (Founder of Girl Underground Music) 


Janette has been a force in the LA community for years, booking shows, reviewing, and supporting artists. Janette and I would hang and meet for coffee casually through the years but it wasn’t until last year’s world cup that our hang-outs became an awesome friendship. So I asked Janette one day, let’s do something fun that you like to do outside of music. She then told me that she was a Comic Aficionado and we decided to go look at some comics and talk about them.

  • Who is your favorite Villain?

Janette Ayub: Without a doubt, Catwoman. She has this hate for Batman but love for Bruce Wayne that I think over the years (and different eras) allowed for everyone to know more of her thought process and morals. She really isn’t a bad person, just life happens, you know? She’s a great antihero! And she loves cats, so that’s a plus.

  • If you could fly but for every hour flying you have to spend three hours at the DMV, would you do it?

JA: Oh, what a cruel, cruel, option. Haha If I absolutely needed to escape for a bit I would definitely trade my soul to the DMV for an hour of flying BUT I would bring beer with me. Secretly of course, and I’m sure I would not feel those three hours. 

  • When did you start reading comics and what comic was the introduction?

JA: I actually started late in life, maybe in high school (don’t really remember). It happened naturally because it was my younger brother and I the majority of the time so we needed conversation starters. I introduced him to the cartoons I loved, liked X-Men, Ninja Turtles, but then he showed me the comic world versus the graphic novels, like Inuyasha. I don’t remember the first one but I leaned towards DC as he went to Marvel and the battle continues.

  • What are your thoughts on all of the superhero movies that are being filmed now? 

JA: I think it’s great. At first they annoyed me, not going to lie, but there’s a visual aspect that blows everything you ever thought of away. Not only that, but I think it gets a generation unfamiliar with these story lines to revisit the original story and read! Everyone read.

  • If you had to give one local artist the power of Telekinesis who would that be and why?

JA: Can I have that power? haha

But the first person that comes to my mind is Ihui Wu of Polartropica. She is just the best and it is literally impossible to feel bad when you witness her performing; I just think she is so freakin’ magical! So, imagine her on stage just moving everything, lights, keys, in time with her already vivid performance. Plus her wings that she wears, she could easily just levitate and throw sprinkles at us.

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Music by Bundy “Lavender And Chamomile”