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More than a Promoter: Introducing The Basketballer Britt Witt (Talent Buyer at The Hi Hat) 


I know a lot of venue promoters in LA, I can confidently say that Britt Witt is a staple in our community. Not only does she helps the best up and coming artists by bringing them opportunities but she is an amazing human. The job that she has done to make The Hi Hat one of the coolest venues in town is admirable and it’s all due to her attitude. Britt and I have known each other for a bit over a year (maybe 2) and I happened to learn that she is a Basketball fan. I couldn’t resist, so I invited her to shoot some hoops .

  • Did you grow up watching Basketball? If so, which team?

Britt Witt: If so, which team? Definitely...my family is from LA so of course everyone is a Lakers fan. I am too but never cared much for Kobe (ball hog much?), fan of the Golden State Warriors because I went to college in the Bay Area and the live games I loved (and still love) going to were The Clippers. Always a champion of the underdog :]

  • Have you ever dunk?

BW: Does getting punched in the face while trying to do a layup in high school count as a dunk? Probably not...unfortunately I wasn't born with springs for stems so no dunks for me!

  • I have the idea of installing a hoop at the Hi Hat, would you host weekly games?

BW: ONE HUNDRED PERCENT. Did you know the bar and FOH booth are made of reclaimed basketball court wood?

  • If you have to pick 4 LA artists/music peeps to join your Basketball team, who would they be?

BW: Definitely my bff's Kris (an epic tour manager), Ryan and Taylor of Mating Ritual and Mack (she prefers tennis but she's a fireball at anything she puts her mind to).

  • How often do you go to STAPLES Center?

BW: We have a group of industry ladies that hit up sports games whenever we can coordinate...I'd say a couple times a year we make it out to STAPLES. We even got matching Clippers Christmas sweaters!

  • Best bars to watch the games?

BW: I usually find myself catching games at Hermosillo because it's right next to the Hi Hat and I can bounce between the two. Otherwise, I just watch games at friend's house because we're cheap and rowdy. Crane's downtown is a pretty great spot though - no cell service, decently priced drinks and the locals are friendly.

  • Which position do you like playing?

BW: I was a power forward in high school because I was good at jump shots and sinking rebounds. These days though, I'd probably just want to coach like my coach idol Jack Nicholson.

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Music by Mating Ritual - “U.N.I.”